What to expect when you visit IRG: The Showroom Experience

So it’s time to pick the best hardscape for your new project or
remodel and you’re just not sure how to begin. The stone experts
at IRG can help you narrow down your selection and provide you
with important information that isn’t typically accessible through
online research. We might even introduce you to a new choice you
haven’t yet considered! We invite you to visit an IRG showroom
and warehouse.

When you arrive, probably the best advice we can give you is to “manage your expectations!” By that, we don’t mean that you won’t find exactly the stone that you want and need for your home…but it just may take a little longer than you might have expected.

Here’s why:

IRG has thousands of stones to choose from – all in-stock and on
the warehouse floor. That selection can be a little overwhelming in
itself. But you’ll also want to take into consideration the logistics
of stone care and installation, so you’ll most likely want to work
with one of our in-house stone experts to insure you make the
right selection for your project and lifestyle.

Some stone slabs can weigh over 600 pounds! And all are stacked
against one another on an A-frame, so the process of moving them
can be tricky and involve 2 or 3 staff members. We will need to call
in a forklift and driver. To avoid accidents, please have patience
while we gather employees who are not already helping others to
help move your stone for viewing. Please do not attempt to move
slabs yourself.

We strive to help our customers select the stone that best fits their
vision. This takes time while we ask about your project and your
likes and dislikes. Because most customers are looking for advice,
there will likely be a queue of people waiting for assistance. This is
a good time to browse the warehouse and identify those pieces
that initially “catch your eye.”

Saturday is one of our busiest days of the week, so if you’re
looking for a quicker in-and-out, try to stop by on another day.
We want to make your ultimate stone decision as flawless as we
can. With so many options and so many stones to choose from,
the only way to ensure you can make the most appropriate
decision for your space is to come in and see for yourself. We
invite you to visit either our 60,000-square-foot showroom and
warehouse in Brisbane or our 25,000-square-foot showroom
and warehouse in Dublin.

Visit us Monday through Friday, 8:30 AM to 5 PM
or Saturday 10 to 3.